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"Where Are We?"

January 27, 2019
Sermon 1 in the series.
A synopsis of St. Mark’s current situation. A “State of the Church” of sorts. We begin “vision” by recognizing where we are.

"Our Mission"

February 3, 2019
Sermon 2 in the series.
We discuss the Mission of the Church, and how that mission relates to our current situation. More importantly, how does the Mission relate to our future?

"What We Value"

February 10, 2019
Sermon 3 in the series.
A look at St. Mark’s core values. How we discovered them and what they mean.

"God's VISION for Us"

February 17, 2019
Sermon 4 in the series.
A biblical background for vision; St. Mark's approach to discerning our vision; and the public roll-out of our Vision.