Spiritual Growth Assessment

The Christian Church is very good at some things. Some others, not so much. One particular area we usually fall down involves something essential to living a Christian life!

In a 2010 article in Christianity Today about developing a spiritual growth plan (I use the term “Spiritual Budget”), John Ortberg wrote: “It is a leadership axiom that we will seek to measure that which we are serious about. The default measures at a church are nickels and noses [money and attendance] … But most of us want to go deeper than that.” (entire article here)

We are often quick to tell people they need this or they need that. “You need to start serving in the Church” or “You need a good Bible study.”
Ortberg says it this way: “Imagine a doctor’s office where every patient is told, ‘Take two aspirin.’ Imagine a parent who thinks, ‘I will treat all of my children exactly the same way.’ If we really want to help someone flourish, we have to help them in a way that fits their uniqueness.”

Wouldn’t it be useful if we had a tool we could use to identify our unique areas of strength and weakness before we start making prescriptions?

Well…now we do!

The link below is a fillable pdf file. That means, you can download it (right-click to save) and complete it on your computer. Or, if your web browser is pdf-capable, you can open it inside your browser and complete the assessment. (If you need Adobe’s free pdf reader, it can be downloaded here.)

There are instructions at the top of the document, but it’s a lot like a personality inventory if you are familiar with those. The assessment is a list of statements (for example, “I regularly read and study my Bible.”). For each statement, you’ll be asked to record a 1-5 ranking based on your reaction to that statement. Take your time, this is not a race and there is no benefit to rushing.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, the last page will give you some idea of where your weaknesses and strengths are. The main pages will give you some idea of how to address particular needs within each area. You can print your assessment, and if you’d like to talk with someone about making a plan for spiritual growth, contact the office and schedule some time with one of our pastoral staff.

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