Discipleship can be considered training for your spirit! In basic form, a disciple is someone who follows. The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, but there needs to be some depth, too. Just like athletes train so they’re prepared for the competition, Christians train because we want to ‘build our spiritual muscles’ so we know God better and we’re better prepared for life’s challenges.

Making a commitment to Jesus (see this page) is the most important decision you’ll ever make. But if you don’t continue growing, you run the risk of withering on the vine or having your faith ‘choked out’ (Jesus’ analogy, not ours) by the distractions of this world. I’ve heard it said that there is no stopping on the road to Heaven. You’re either walking toward or away.

This section is dedicated to tools, information and opportunities to help you continue to grow in your faith. As the section grows, the volume of items may become overwhelming. To help you not be overwhelmed, let me recommend you begin with the first item we placed in this section: The Spiritual Growth Assessment.  This tool will help you figure out where you’re strong and where you’re weak. Then, you can start looking for some tools and resources to strengthen the needed areas.

Of course, if you need help along that path…that’s why we’re here! Contact us and schedule some time with one of our pastoral staff, and we’d be happy to provide some guidance.