General Conference Final Post

I considered writing a post to accompany this…but then I decided that everything I feel needs to be said is contained in these three videos. These are the three parts of the General Conference Town Hall held at St. Mark’s on Sunday, March 3 5pm. Town Hall Part 1 (31:45) – Pastor Chris sets the … [Read more…]

Final Day

The final day began with worship like the others. Afterwards, the GC received a couple of reports from “standing committees”. The legislative portion began with a petition from the Standing Committee on Central Conferences. It set a timeline for implementation of anything passed at GC2019 for the Central Conferences (outside the US). The pension proposals … [Read more…]

Legislative Committee Day

Well, this morning began with worship, and then we jumped right into the “perfecting process” for the petitions before us in the order we prioritized yesterday. The top priority petition group (WesPath Retirement) was passed on to plenary yesterday, so the top priority this morning was the Traditional Plan. The pre-conference Judicial Council review identified … [Read more…]

Sunday Update

The morning began with worship, and then moved to reports from various General Conference committees, and report from the Commission on a Way Forward. After lunch, the Conference began the process of voting (after several technology issues) to prioritize the petitions before the Conference (see Legislative Committee explanation below for what that means). The results … [Read more…]

Day 1 (Drama-free…kinda)

Day 1 of the Special Called General Conference was billed as being a day of only prayer. While prayer did hold the bulk of the agenda, there were some other necessary items that also made their way into today. One of them caused a bit of drama, but we’ll get to that in a minute. … [Read more…]

Check in stuff…

Nothing really to report. This post is more of a test of the blog system to make sure this will be effective during the conference. While I’m writing these posts, I may refer to a “we”. That’s likely the friend I’m traveling with. He’s a pastor in the North District. So “we” is Jason and … [Read more…]